Dear all,

Pranesh Prakash from CIS is coordinating a comprehensive response to the 
latest set of amendments proposed to the Indian Copyright Act in 
conjunction with Nirmita Narasimhan, Lawrence Liang and I. This will be 
a shorter and revised update to the last submission to government which 
was made by ALF, which went out some years ago when amendments were 
first proposed:

The draft will be ready later today and organisational sign-ons are 
welcome; the focus of our analysis will be on access to knowledge and 
strengthening the public domain. If any of you belong to organisations 
which are interested in these effects of copyright law, please sign on 
by sending an email authorising the use of the name of your organisation 
in this effort to pranesh at cis-india dot org copied to sunil at 
cis-india dot org either today or tomorrow - and, of course, also ask to 
see the draft if you are interested. Once CIS submits the comments by 
May 30, they will, of course, be made public.


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