You might also want to encourage people who speak each of those
languages and one of the top ten wikipedia languages to list
themselves on [[meta:Embassy]] as potential liaisons across the
projects, for help with translating messages &c.


On 6/25/10, Ganesh Krishnamurthy <> wrote:
> Hi Shiju,
> Good topic, agree on the need for a Embassy page on each wiki. I think it
> will be a good idea to setup a page on meta  that showcases the best
> practices in various Indian language wikipedias. This will be useful for
> smaller wikipedias that have limited resources. It can also serve as central
> place for discussion. WP:COUNCIL does similar job on English Wikipedia to
> help out inter-wikiproject communication.
> Regards,
> Ganesh
> On Jun 25, 2010, at 12:30 PM, Shiju Alex <> wrote:
>> One of the important feature that separates Indian WikiMedia community
>> from the WikiMedia communities of other countries is its diversity of
>> languages. There are at least 20 Indian languages in which WikiMedia
>> projects are available
>> Following are those languages.
>> Assamese (
>> Bengali (
>> Bhojpuri (
>> Bishnupriya Manipuri (
>> Gujarathi (
>> Hindi (
>> Kannada (
>> Kashmiri (
>> Malayalam (
>> Marathi (
>> Nepali (
>> Nepal Bhasha/Newari (
>> Odia (Oriya) (
>> Pali (
>> Punjabi (
>> Sanskrit (
>> Sindhi (
>> Tamil (
>> Telugu (
>>  Urdu (
>> (NOTE: Urdu, Nepali, Tamil, and some other languages are official
>> languages in more than one country.)
>> All these languages use non-latin scripts and all of them belong either to
>> Aryan or Dravidian language family.  So there are many community related
>> (for example, advocacy) and computing related issues (for example, script
>> rendering, usability)  that are common to many of these languages. Hence
>> when it comes to computing and community related issues there are many
>> solutions that can be shared between different language communities.
>> But currently, there is no communication happening between different
>> Indian language wiki communities. Because of this, many wiki communities
>> are unaware about the wiki activities that is happening outside their
>> wiki.
>> Big Indian Language Wikipedias like Tamil, Bengali, Tamil and so on have
>> overcome many of the issues since they have large user base. But that is
>> not the case with small Wikipedias like Odiya, Assamese, or some other
>> smaller wikipedias. The number of active users of these wikipedias is very
>> less (In some case it is null). Even though it is the duty of the
>> respective language community to build its wiki community, it may not
>> happen overnight due to number of reasons. Hence big Indian language wiki
>> communities can help them to develop a community. For these, we need to
>> have frequent interactions between different wiki communities. But we
>> don't have a common forum in each wiki that can be used for these type of
>> discussions.
>> Hence I request all Indian language Wikipedias to start an Embassy page in
>> their respective Wiki. This Embassy page can be used for the inter Wiki
>> related discussions. Tamil and Malayalam Wikipedia have started Embassy
>> long back and we have some healthy discussions happening among us both
>> inside and outside wiki.
>> Tamil Wikipedia Embassy here:
>> Malayalam Wikipedia Embassy here:
>> Some other languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu also have Embassy.
>> I request all  Indian Language Wiki communities to create such a page in
>> their wiki that can be used as forum for the type of discussions that I
>> mentioned above. Some of the best practices that can be followed while
>> creatinng such a page is:
>> Appoint some ambassadors in each wiki who are interested in Indian
>> language inter wiki activities. For Malayalam, we have selected a group of
>> people selected for these.
>> Communicate only in English on this page so that different language
>> Wikipedians can participate in the discussions.
>> Place a link to the Embassy page on the side bar (Make sure this link is
>> NOT localized and it is displayed as Embassy itself). Please see Tamil and
>> Malayalam Wikipedia for example.
>> May be in future, we can think about having a Indian wiki conference for
>> the Wikimedians of different Indian languages. That time special emphasis
>> need to be given to the small wikipedias.
>> Regards
>> Shiju
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