Where is Salmaan from? India, Bangladesh? If Dhaka, Bellayet can help. He seems 
to be online.

- Sundar
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Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Urgently need to reach Salmaan Haroon

If anyone on this list can contact Salmaan Haroon and let him know he has a 
visa appointment with the Poland consulate at 1 pm today, I would be most 
grateful. This is for his visa to attend Wikimania.

See below.

If you do manage this, please let us know.


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| | I also need someone to look into the delay with Salmaan Haroon
| I will send a fax to the consulate in New Delhi, which will announce
| my call to clarification visa process of Salmaan Haroon

I talked to the consulate in New Delhi.
Consulate appointed Salmaan interview today at 13.00 hours (1 pm) local time. 
He must be notified immediately, preferably by telephone, but I do not have 
direct contact to him.

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