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The Wikimedia Foundation's Community Department collaborates with and serves
the broad Wikimedia community -- including readers, donors and
editors/contributors -- to encourage the health and growth of Wikimedia
communities and the projects they create and manage.

This year, the Community Department will be hiring for a series of important
senior and entry level positions. All positions will involve collaborating
and communicating with Wikimedia project contributors and users intensively
and publicly, grappling with many problems that no one has ever solved
before, navigating technological and social challenges and opportunities,
and dealing with a high level of complexity and uncertainty. Candidates
should have extremely high levels of skill and comfort in communication
(especially writing), qualitative and quantitative analysis, management and
self-management. Candidates who are not already deeply immersed in online
collaborative communities will have to show an aptitude for quickly gaining
a deep understanding of our communities' technologies, practices, traditions
and culture -- and to become trusted and productive members of the Wikimedia
community and movement.

We are looking for candidates from all over the world. Wikimedia Foundation
has a policy of hiring without regard to locale. If eventually accepted for
a position, Wikimedia Foundation will assist with work visas and relocation

Read more about what we're looking for below. If you think you'd be a good
match for the Community Department, use the form below to tell us about
yourself. This is not a formal application, it is the first step in an
outreach process designed to identify some great candidates for Wikimedia
Foundation positions.

Your information will be kept completely confidential and will only be
viewed by hiring managers, human resources staff and possibly assisting
consultants who are covered by confidentiality agreements. Because we have
such a small staff, we cannot guarantee a response. Submitted data will not
be retained for longer than a year. Besides the data below, we are also
recording the timestamp and your IP address at the time of submission.

*Who we're looking for*

We are especially looking for:

   - Current Wikimedia community contributors and leaders,
   - Insightful observers of Wikimedia and other collaborative communities,
   - People with specialty skill sets (e.g. statistics, ethnography, and
   probably a lot other things we've never thought of),
   - People belonging to language communities of new and growing Wikipedias
   and other Wikimedia projects,
   - People with insight into reaching groups currently underrepresented in
   Wikimedia contributor communities.

Ideal candidates for positions at Wikimedia Foundation's Community

   - Have a passion for online communities, self-organizing systems, open
   and collaborative enterprises, democratic and consensus based societies, and
   emergent and participatory governance structures -- and desperately want to
   see them succeed and prove the cynics wrong.
   - Have thought enough about this stuff to have their own opinions and
   theories on various problems and opportunities facing Wikimedia and other
   online communities.
   - Are equally strong dealing with qualitative and quantitative knowledge
   and research.
   - Are self-directed, self-motivated, efficient, upbeat, optimistic, and
   extremely good with people. Wikimedia Foundation staff face intense
   pressures in highly-demanding roles. While the Wikimedia Foundation team
   strives to be mutually supportive, it only works when each individual is
   self-driven to overcome the challenges they face.
   - Are knowledgeable about software development processes and with
   database and web technologies.
   - Are creative non-linear thinkers who will sometimes fight for seemingly
   crazy ideas by backing them up with logical argument and data.
   - Are systems-thinkers who love to think about workflow and technology
   systems inside organizations.
   - Are multilingual, especially in major world languages and languages
   with large or growing Wikipedias.
   - Have insights and experience reaching groups currently underrepresented
   in Wikimedia communities.
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