Srik, I thought it was 140? Or are you deducting 20 for the link?
Regards, Srik.

On 7 August 2010 18:53, BalaSundaraRaman <> wrote:

> Excellent idea, Srikanth! Some twitter handles I could think: IndiaFacts,
> KnowIndia, DYKIndia.
> - Sundar
> "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium
> for the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."
> - George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture
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> *From:* Srikanth Lakshmanan <>
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> *Sent:* Sat, August 7, 2010 2:37:58 PM
> *Subject:* [Wikimediaindia-l] Indian DYK (trivia) from Wikipedia on
> twitter.
> Hi all,
> I am planning to start a twitter account posting one DYK fact related to
> India everyday and a link to the article using a script.There are currently
> 1200+ DYK articles related to India and i have wrote a script to parse the
> talk pages and got around 800+ DYK hooks (my script's regex can be improved
> and am working on that to get all 1200+ hooks). I need your help to further
> format the hooks to 120 chars, so that it fits into twitter limit and
> maintain the tweet queue(just like DYK queue), so that my script can post on
> twitter without manual intervention.
> I think this could give a boost to visibility and page views of DYK
> articles having good content which otherwise recieve fairly low page views
> which happens only through search since quite a few of them are poorly
> linked.If this is successfull we could probably even use it over free sms
> service.(now that GPRS is getting cheap and penetration is increasing)
> People following get to know trivia and also might give some sort of
> satisfaction to the DYK creators.
> If you could spare some time in helping with maintaining the tweet queue,
> please mail me offlist, we could work on that.
> Thoughts / Suggestions on the idea is welcome. Suggestions for the twitter
> account name is also welcome. :)
> Regards,
> Srikanth L
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