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>>> However, I'm not clear about how this should be shaped. Is this going to
>>> be an official Wikimedia newsletter? (seeing that it is titled "Wikimedia
>>> India Newsletter"). Given that Wikimedia official newsletters are brought in
>>> a slightly different manner
>>> (http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_newsletter), can you share the
>>> ideas and objective behind the planned newsletter so that it brings more
>>> clarity to the contributors?
>> Sure. The aim is to share the community news of the various Indian
>> Language Wiki communities. As you can see from the PDF that I shared with
>> you, several languages already provided the community News. So requesting
>> Kannada wiki community also to be part of this.
>> It is the community newsletter. So I think it is better to name it as
>> WikiMedia India Community News Letter. I will change like that.
> How about using the name "Wikizine India"? or even "Wikipedia India
> Community newsletter" seems better.

Is it always only going to be about Wikipedia? If that is the case,
then yes, oethrwise, I believe that Wikimedia India Community
Newsletter is more appropriate.

I like Wikizine India too!

note: Wikimedia is not written with a capital M in the middle ;)




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