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> Just my 2 paise/cents/pence on the issue:
> 1. For the current version, let's please get it out rather than get it
> right? We can refine the process and the tools as we go along. After
> all, isn't that what's so great about the Wiki model?

If you are referring to my earlier words, I should say my suggestion has
been misunderstood.
The question about tools used was to get a clue for opening the PDF to read
on GNU/Linux. The PDF won't be of much use if it doesn't open for many. I'm
sure there are plenty of GNU/Linux users in this community.

The other suggestion I made was about putting up the drafts of newsletter
available to all volunteers so that others can contribute not only with
respect to the text content, but also through design, media and most
importantly the structure of newsletter. This helps in easily inviting other
contributors to contribute in whatever ways they can. It also helps in
inviting ideas and participation that would continue on to the next one. The
great thing about Wiki model is community and collaboration. There's much
fun in collaborating on a newsletter which in turn is also about
collaborative projects.

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