Fwding to India list also.
Salman Haroon is organising a Wikimeetup in Delhi on Sep 22.

If you are in Delhi, please get in touch with Salman asap...

All the best wishes for the first ever Delhi Wikimeetup.

Tinu Cherian

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Hi there

I just wanted to inform everyone that we have decided on Connaught Place as
the venue for the meetup on September 22 at around 5-6 PM with Barry
Newstead from the foundation. Barry will be in town for a short time and
wants an informal get-together with local Wikimedians to get our opinions.

I suggested Connaught Place for its easy connectivity through Metro (I am
hoping that the CWG work would be completed by then). It would probably be
in a coffee shop in the vicinity but the final decision has not been taken.
I will inform everyone once a decision is made as to which one.

I am looking for any feedback before-hand, if anyone has a problem with the
time or the venue, we can change it to a certain degree
to accommodate everyone. Any other questions and concerns in the mean time
can be directed towards me. Please confirm as early as possible if you will
be attending.

Thank you


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