I see.

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 "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."
- George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture

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(copying my response from another list)
>Good work, Arjuna. (Though not a fan of phonetic keyboards that rely on  
>alphabet sounds due to long term negative impact,)
 I agree. May be some people are comfortable with that.  We have to wait for 
Google  to   provide  inscript keyboards for other languages or make  
inscript/alphabetic keyboards ourselves. 

I tried Tamil  and Malayalam and they both work very well. One suggestion would 
be to  handle backspace to erase the original input. For example, if I've typed 
aa in Malayalam, and press backspace, it should retain 'a', no?
The backspace works on the converted unicode characters.
If you type ra,  backspace will delete the whole unicode letter. If you type 
raa  to reflect long  vowel, one backspace will  make it equivalent to ra.

If you are starting the word with aa, it becomes  a single unicode  character 
corresponding to long  vowel (A).

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