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>  So, I guess there is interest in where our office will be.    She left out
> the following from the info I provided. Probably because it spoiled the
> theme of the story.  ;-)
>    3 How good are Bangalore chances of being crowned wiki-capital in
>>> India?
>>    We do not plan on having a "wiki-capital in India". We hope that every
> city and town will be a wiki-capital.
> http://www.mid-day.com/news/2010/sep/210910-Wikimedia-foundation-Bangalore-Wikicapital-communities.htm


If Priyanka Prachad has been quoted right, I'll have to say it is rather
unfair to say that "Bangalore has tiny forums and Mumbai has none". There
are strong communities from out of Bangalore. Shouldn't need to add that
Mumbai has equally strong communities as well.

There is diverse language community thriving on Internet from Bangalore.

In fact, a community in the local language that I personally maintain (
http://sampada.net) started in 2005 has had regular stream of increasing
users all these years. And there are strong communities like Praja (
http://praja.in), Citizen Matters (citizenmatters.in), India Water Portal (
http://indiawaterportal.org/) and many more from Bangalore... the list is
Hari Prasad Nadig
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