Some photos were taken at the end of the Pune meeting.
Can someone post those pictures please.


On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia <> wrote:

> Dear Wikimedians ,
> Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the 2010 Sept 18th Pune
> Wikimedia meetup. 17 people had attended this meet. Special thanks to HOD &
> staff of Women’s Studies Centre, University of Pune and visiting media and
> open source movement fraternity for their active participation and guidance.
> Mr Vijay Sirdeshpande (Mahitgar from Marathi wikipedia) and Ms Bishakha
> Datta (trustee, Wikimedia Foundation) jointly chaired the meet . Ms. Datta
> introduced herself . She talked about Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia
> Foundation’s plans in India, the Wikimedia India Chapter, and difficulties
> faced in completion of its registration process. She also talked about
> Bangalore wiki meet-ups. She stressed the need to conduct wikipedia
> academies and informed about the upcoming visits of Jimmy Wales to Mumbai at
> the end of October. Other Wikimedia Foundation staff visit India in
> December, includes Sue Gardner (executive director), Erik Moeller (deputy
> director) and Danese Cooper (chief technical officer).
> Then wikipedians introduced themselves. Mr. Amit Yadav raised the topics of
> need for and lack of adequate references on Marathi wikipedia, quality of
> content, and outreach. He was for most of the discussions to take place
> online rather than offline. He stressed the need for initiative and
> self-learning process for making contributions on part of wiki-admiring
> people.On quality of content front, the success of Malayalam wikipedia was
> discussed. Mr. Vijay explained the difference in the initial focus, and said
> that now the focus is on making Marathi wikipedia reader-oriented. Everyone
> agreed that for bringing better quality we need more active users. Mr.Vijay
> also informed that Marathi wikipedians can request for various features and
> get various features adopted in the user interface, including page rating
> etc. for improvement in quality.


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