I agree that the press coverage is (and always tends to be) a bit 
whacked when it comes to Wikipedia, Wikimedia and India. And it doesn't 
help that the explanation is pretty clear but complicated. In a few 
months, we will have the Wikimedia Foundation India office, the 
Wikimedia India chapter, and of course - as always - the Wikimedia 
community in India, not to mention various sub-community groupings. I 
can only see more confusion unfortunately.

Perhaps you can set up something on India-meta? An explanation such as 
the one just offered (who does what) + something about the difference 
between Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects would be very useful for 
the press, if kept simple. Then we could point them to this page every 
time there's interest - or print it out and distribute it for subsequent 
press interactions as well. I'll help, and others will too - I'm sure - 
if you get it going.

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