Dear Wikipedians,

Big day for Wikimedia in India today. For the first time we have 3 meetups
happening on the same day....

Bangalore -
Mumbai -
Hyderabad -

A few interesting things to note:

   1. We have a s*peaker from Manila (Philipines) at the Bangalore
meetup*(on skype) - Josh Lim. Josh is
    Wikipedian from Philipines (President Wikimedia Philipines, English
   Wikipedia (Admin), Tagalog Wikipedia (Bureaucrat), Tagalog Wiktionary and
   Tagalog Wikibooks)
   2.  Bangalore and Mumbai wikipedian are *connecting on skype video* for
   the first time.
   3. You may also want to spread the word around about the Facebook page:

Hope to see you all at one of these meetups in these cities. And do say
hello on skype video if you are in Mumbai.


Bangalore, India
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