Nice idea Ravi, Tinu.

I would suggest lets not stick to a theme. Let people choose tasks for
themselves. For people who dont have specific tasks(read newcomers), we
could offer some from list of tasks. I say this because not everyone have
same level of ease with task like article creation / particular
subject(which i think led to decline of Collab Of Month in .Some of
you guys are too good at article creation, some like me are not so good at
it. I certainly have a block of writing anything more than a 2 line stub or
take days to complete an writing an article. There can are tasks like

* Creating / improving pages of your interest / locality / native / *what
* Adding references to unreferenced BLP
* Collaborating in person with other editors towards FA/GA [i accept its
more than 6 hours,but its unique oppurtunity having people together at same
* Arm chair flickr hunt to add media to commons
* Translation
* De-orphaning pages with links
* Creating templates / navboxes
* Running AWB tasks like fixing redlinks/typos
* Categorization cleanups
* Even "writing a bot" / code something like(for) Arjuna's gyanpad etc.
* Creating newsletter / video tutorials,etc

We could add more on a task page. The motto should be "creating / doing"
something for wikipedia (however small it could be) instead of talking /
listening. Of course if there are bunch of you who share a common interest
(like CWG), they can always collaborate

We could have a page on meta on the day of the meet and have everyone update
a page "What they are upto" and how they are going about it, and if they
could get help from fellow wikipedians.

I would prefer to call it Wiki Marathon / WikiParty [like openstreetmap
mapping parties].

Tinu, IMHO "Shut up and Edit" doesnt sound inclusive and might offend some
speakers.We need them!,love all :) . I guess it might have come from "shut
up and hack". Not sure if you know bunch of people flamed against it (ex:-
here <> just read the last para
first line. "nuff said")

Google Profile <>

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 12:10, CherianTinu Abraham <>wrote:

> Nice idea.. I was thinking the same for some time ..
> I was planning to call it " Shut up & Edit" :)
> Bangalore meetups happens second sunday of every month. So the next one
> will be November 14.
> How about a theme like " 2010 Commonwealth games" ?
> We will create articles for all Indian medal winners in english and indic
> languages ( which ever is missing).
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Ravishankar <>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> An idea / proposal for the next Wiki meetups:
>> There has been lot of talk. So would like to see some action :)
>> Can we decide a Sunday in next month and call for meetups in all cities at
>> the same time? This time can be a bit extended the usual duration. Say, 4-6
>> hours?
>> During this time, all of us can sit down and do edits in Indian language
>> Wikis, Indian topics in English Wiki? This way we can engage the onlookers
>> and convert them to real Wikians. We can also ask people world over to edit
>> Wiki at the same time. We can see what we have achieved at the end of the
>> day !
>> Hope this will be fun and can be done every 3 months.
>> Regards,
>> Ravi
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