> May be "WIKI-thon"  or "wiki-mashup" or "wiki-sprint" (typical FOSS
> community event styles) could be a more acceptable name.
> The idea is really good but we need to do some basework.

 From a branding perspective, using "thon" would probably work well and 
add some consistency to other Wikimedia event. For many years there have 
been all-day coding events that are called "hackathons" but a couple 
years back we decided to try "codeathon" (because some people out there 
still thinking that "hacking" means you are doing something malicious). 
Therefore something like Wiki-thon, edit-thon, etc., could work well and 
is a term that could be picked up by other Wikimedia groups worldwide 
when they host or inspire similar events/initiatives.


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