As we all know, many of our Indic wikimedia projects have a very small
community and some of them does not even have an administrator around when
in need. I would like to draw your attention to the RfC for Indic
a sysop group who could shoulder the additional responsibility of looking
after other Indic language wikis along with their current responsibilities.
I believe that it is a feasible idea, similar to that of a global sysop, as
many of us are multi-lingual within the Indic language group. We do not see
many Global sysops acting on Indic wikis, probably due to the non-latin
nature of the scripts. Perhaps, Indic languages could be the largest group
of languages in the spectrum to coordinate such a pool of hands due to the
above fact. This group's administrative scope is envisioned to include all
Indic wikimedia projects and it can exclude a project if they feel that they
are large enough to handle themselves.

We would like to see a constructive discussion on the pros and cons of this
and explore the possibility of implementing such a group. I wish to see the
day where our small, sleeping wikimedia projects, who does not have anyone
to care for being cared for, and nurtured to bring more hands on to help it

Thank you all for your time and please take a moment and provide your
thoughts on the RfC Talk page.

Thanks in advance.

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