Hi guys,


There is some more documentation for users[1] and developers[2] about this that 
was made available together with the extension code[3].


Microsoft Research is currently in the process of setting up community support. 
More on that hopefully later this week. One of the things to do will be to put 
all documentation on mediawiki.org instead of in the PDFs.






[3] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/WikiBhasha/ 


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I looked into the architecture and the introduction. It seems to be the open 
source equivalent of Google Translator tool.
It looks promising, because:
1. It's open source and hence bugs can be fixed directly instead of waiting for 
the company to fix. I speak from my experience of having to do a special 
cleanup of spurious red links generated by the Google tool (cf. 
2. It seems to have a collaborative translation module unlike the single-user 
Google alternative.
3. It's integrated into Mediawiki itself, which is a HUGE win.

That said, I'll have to actually see that on a Mediawiki site in order to 
comment further.

- Sundar


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Hi all,


Just read "Microsoft India research team open sources WikiBhasha 
-http://goo.gl/sKlA ". From the README file, I understand WikiBhasha is a media 
wiki extension "aimed at enabling user communities in creating multilingual 
content in Wikipedia". Can someone who know more explain about this extension. 
Does any Indic wiki use this at the moment?


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