Nice idea, Srikanth.

User:Sodabottle joined Tamil Wiki after the interest generated by the essay
contest. So, we are yet to get a active contributor through this campaign.
But, we have just started and hope it works.


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:28 AM, Srikanth Lakshmanan <>wrote:

> Hi all,
> Tamil wikipedians thought of inviting fellow editors of Tamil origin in
> English wikipedia and pull them over to Tamil wikipedia. User:Ravidreams
> even called it "hijacking editors" funnily. There was some initial success
> with editors like User:Sodabottle joining and contributing heavily.
> (I too joined it, but that does not matter much), It was decided to invite
> experienced English wikipedians of Tamil origin to contribute to tamil wiki.
> The advantage being that experienced wiki editors are aware of wiki culture
> and its mechanisms and the learning curve for them would just be language
> typing skill. So a "Welcome message"[1] was created and it is decided to
> post on talk pages. We have started doing this.
> Just when i created a template for it, it struck me why not post this to
> new users as well along with the usual {{Welcome}} template. There could a
> user in remote places trying to edit about his/her village and when we come
> across such new users, why not post this welcome to Indic wikipedia message
> along with welcome template? (I assume most of us welcome new users with a
> welcome template). They might be unaware of Indic wikipedia / might be more
> interested in contributing native tongue. So I am just going to try posting
> the "ContributeToTamilWikipedia" message along with Welcome template
> whenever i know the user is a Tamil. I have also altered my "Friendly"
> configuration[2] to have the custom template, so its really easy to welcome
> users, just a few clicks. If you feel this is good to do, please create
> welcome message to target your language users and let me know. I would add
> it to my friendly configuration and can Invite users. Even if I don't know
> Bengali, I can invite a Bengali user editing say Siliguri article with a
> Bengali Wikipedia welcome message and he would at least visit Bengali
> Wikipedia, if not contribute there.
> [1]
> <>[2]
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