Hi Everyone,

I am working for the WIkimedia Foundation for this year's fundraiser. The
Foundation wants to dedicate part of the resources from the fundraising
campaign to seek non-financial contributions from our readers. We are
working on something for the Indian language projects in particular, in line
with the five year plan and the priority of Indian Wikis.

The essence of the contribute campaign is not only to drive up participation
on the projects but also to get our readers to make their very first edit on

I have been tasked as part of the fundraising team to support local indian
languages; we have already posted to all relevant Wikipedia VPs seeking
participation and informing them of this year's fundraiser.

We want to work with the community members and provide any support that we
can, I have briefly discussed with Srikanth about supporting the next
Wiki-marathon. If anyone has any ideas, projects that would be conducive to
our common goal, Please feel free to share them.


Salmaan Haroon
Community Associate
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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