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> Kartik Mistry, who was formerly associated with Gujarati Lexicon,
> informed me that he had met the representatives of Wikimedia India at
> the last Mumbai meetup and expressed that his former associates would
> be interested in transferring content to the Gujarati Wiktionary.

Yes - Kartik had then suggested that Wikimedia India meet with Ratilal
Chandaria of http://www.gujaratilexicon.com/ who is based in Mumbai to
discuss this further.

Also, discussed possible next steps to advocate with the Maharashtra and
Karnataka governments about digitizing the 19-volume Marathi vishwakosh or
encyclopedia and the Kannada encyclopedia under open licences. (Hari talked
about efforts that have been taken so far with the Kannada encyclopedia.)

In this context, am also forwarding to the list a voluminous email from the
Observer Research Foundation, which is interested in collaborating on
boosting Marathi wikipedia.

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