Dear All*,

*Many Indian Language Wikimedians have asked me to provide the English
translation of the *Malayalam FAQ hand book *that we distribute to our new
users (during our Malayalam Wiki workshops). With the support from many
Malayalam wikimedians finally we were able to complete a rough translation
of the FAQs to English.

Here are the translated FAQs:  *

*Please note that it is not a perfect word to word translation of the
Malayalam FAQs. But you can use it as a base to create the same type of FAQ
handbook for your language wiki. All the most important FAQs are included in
this translation. We done this in a hurry so that Bengali wikipedians can
use that for their next week's wiki work shop. If anyone is willing to
enhance the English version please feel free to do so.

While translating, please remember to replace the references of Malayalam
wiki to your language wiki projects and localize the FAQs to suit the
requirements of the speakers of your language. There might more FAQs that
are relevant to the speakers of your language. But limit the number of FAQs
to 25 or so since the target audience of this handbook is new users and
general public. Please do not include questions about complicated policies
of wikipedia by citing various acronyms and links. Keep the questions and
answers as simple as possible.

I thank the following Malayalam wikimedians who helped in this translation

   - Praveen P
   - Sunil V.S
   - Sreejith K
   - Challiyan
   - Francis Simy Nazareth
   - Jyothis
   - Rajesh K

Hope this effort will be of some help to the other Indian language wiki

For your reference, here are the revisions of the Malayalam version:

   - *First 
Released on 2010 April 17
   - *Second 
Released on 2010 November 30

Shiju Alex
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