Some good news from Israel.

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Hello, everyone.

I am pleased to announce, on behalf of Wikimedia Israel, that Israel Post
(the Israeli monopoly postal service) will be stamping all items passing
through several major post offices in Tel Aviv and in Haifa with a special
*Wikipedia 10th Anniversary postmark*.

You can get an idea of what it might look like (Hebrew Wikipedians are still
working on the design) here:

In addition to the anniversary, a _second_ special postmark will be stamped
on all through Wikimania 2011, in August!

the best of our knowledge, this is the first time Wikipedia is featured on
postal materials.  Is that correct?

Dedicated philatelists and stamp-collectors among you (and your respective
communities) may want to make arrangements to have something postmarked.  In
addition, we'll try to have some stamped items to give away.

This cool way of marking the anniversary is the work of Wikimedia Israel
member Liron Dorfman, who's done excellent outreach work with Israel Post.

Cheers, and happy holidays,

   Asaf Bartov
   Wikimedia Israel
Asaf Bartov <asaf.bar...@gmail.com>

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