Determining the first Indian Wikipedian is quite a tricky exercise. Not
aware of any easy way to do that. Guess it would be one of the admins who
setup a wikipedia in an Indian Language. Or it could be someone who actively
contributed to Indian content on the English Wikipedia (this is most likely
the case).

No easy answers really. Please let the list know if you find the answers you
are looking for.

Any of the early contributors have any pointers here?


On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 11:34 AM, Pradeep Mohandas <> wrote:

> hi,
> The central Wikipedia Ten page has rolled out phase of its communication
> toolkit. It has a wider 10-year what we've accomplished scenario.
> Any idea on who was the first Wikipedian from India? Any way to find out??
> warm regards,
> Pradeep Mohandas
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> From: Moka Pantages <>
> Date: 14 December 2010 01:30
> Subject: [WikiX-l] W10: Communications Toolkit Phase I
> To: Planning for WP 10th anniversary <>
> Hello, everyone:
> Following up on the email we sent out last week, we have Phase I of the
> Community Communications Toolkit up:
> Phase I stresses two things for volunteers: telling your own story NOW and
> helping to pull together background information on the history of Wikipedia
> and the global magnitude of our work.
> As discussed in the last email, we understand that most people don’t fully
> realize we’re a mission-driven, non-profit movement run by real, everyday
> people who care about providing a free public service to the world. Often,
> Wikipedia is thought to be a static product or service, not a living,
> breathing community of people who care. While some of us in the Wikimedia
> community are dedicated to communications work, all of us can use this
> 10-year anniversary as an opportunity to educate the world about who we are,
> the work that we do and the mission that drives us. The first—and most
> important—thing we can do RIGHT NOW is tell our own stories in our own words
> and encourage others who care about our work to do the same. Over the past
> 10 years, what has Wikipedia come to mean to the world? What was it like
> before there was a Wikipedia in your language? How will it impact the next
> ten years? We're encouraging all volunteers and anyone who cares about our
> projects to publicly tell their personal Wikipedia stories via letters to
> the editor, op-eds and personal or chapter blog posts.   If volunteers don't
> have a blog or aren't comfortable sharing thoughts publicly, we've created a
> page to post on wiki as well:
> Additionally, we need help curating all of the interesting information
> about Wikipedia including:
> *Wikipedia's Historical Timeline:
> *Stats and information to help demonstrate the magnitude of Wikipedia:
> *Wikipedia's top 10s:
> There's a wealth of interesting information out there, but hasn't been
> captured and organized so that we can all access it easily.  If you remember
> any fun facts and Wikipedia trivia from the last ten years, please share!
> We plan to send a variation of this email to Internal and Foundation.
> We'll likely post Phase II of the Toolkit on Friday which should also
> include a draft media advisory we plan to send to press next Tuesday. Until
> then, please provide any feedback you have.
> Cheers,
> Moka
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