To all Puneri Wikipedians (both tatya and non-tatya),

Gosh, just saw the grand scale of events planned in Bangalore. Pune's
missing on the list.

We need to be on the world map guys. Has anyone planned anything? Our
Marathi Wikipedia crowd?

I suggest one or all or even better more of the following be organised :

* Newbie meet (I volunteer to give an editing tutorial session in English
cum Marathi by me but on English Wikipedia. I could be partnered by someone
showing the same for Marathi Wikipedia).
* Marathi Wikipedia Meetup.
* Wikimedia loves Pune photothon, where people go and photograph Pune's
landmarks and add them to Commons.
* Outreach activities to schools/colleges?
* Any takers for birdwatching a la Bangalore/Shyamal?

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur
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