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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 10:06, Shiju Alex <> wrote:
> Have you checked this issue with the active users of Hindi wikipedia or
> other wikis that use Devanagri script? And are you able to reproduce this
> issue in another system?


> Google chrome is displaying Devanagri without any issues in my system
> (WindowsXP SP2 + Google chrome 8.0).


> The problem might be there only in your friend's system.  Try this solution:

Didn't I say we did that, anyways we did that as well and restarted
the system, then put the fonts and tried everything else. Perhaps
updating/upgrading the USP.dll to version 1.6 might do some good,
don't know though where to get one which would be good for XPSP2.

Oh well,

> Shiju

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