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> Hi all,
>  Put up a blog post at http://wp.me/pfuZu-iE . Its a bit longish in
> nature but that's the only way I know.
> I was planning to sit on the week-end and make it more pretty and make
> it into sections and stuff for easy navigability - may do it as well
> but anyways there it is .

Ok, first things first. Sorry for that long reply (with that digest
stuff). It was an oversight on my part.

I read also an article in Pune Newsline - Indian Express 'Wikipedia
reaches out to Symbiosis Students' on 15th December 2010.
Unfortunately the archive is till 10th December only.

This was in the Pune Newsline

In something called the City Anchor on page 3.

Perhaps somebody's Google Fu skills are better than me.

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