Dear Tinu,

from what I understand, an earlier Wikimeetup happened at Kolkata more than a 
year ago in Joka. I was informed of this by a participant at that earlier 
event who had expressed inability in attending the current meetup on the 
relevant page. I met her at a conference in Bangalore recently and got to know 
this. We may want to exercise caution in branding events as the first meet-up 
etc., "meet-up" should suffice.

Srinivas Gunta.

From: CherianTinu Abraham <>
Sent: Tue, 14 December, 2010 7:03:13 PM
Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Wikipedia Wikimeetup1 @ Kolkata, Dec 2010 Photos

Wikipedia Wikimeetup1 @ Kolkata, Dec 2010 Photos 

There were around 18+ attendees for the first Wikimeetup @Kolkata . I would 
to express my sincere thanks to Jayanata Nath, Indranil Das Gupta & Shiju Alex 
for all the efforts in putting things together for a successful meetup, at one 
of the ancient cities of India. Special thanks to Bishakha Datta & Achal 
Prabhala for all the encouragement & support in our efforts. 

One of us will be sending a detailed report on the meetup soon. 

Tinu Cherian 

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