Hi Tinu,

>From my reading of Srinivas' email, it looks like he meant it as a simple word 
of caution and as a way of sharing (with the group) a piece of information that 
he came across recently. Knowing your efforts, he wouldn't have meant anything 
else, I suppose. So, let's all AGF on this. :)

- Sundar
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>Hi Srinivas ( & et all),
>               If the mail was intended to me alone ( as per the salutation ), 
>this below mail could have sent directly to me ( instead of india wide alias). 
>To clarify your comments. 
>               There was no "recorded" history of any kolkata meetup, till 
> then. 
> That is why I took the liberty of calling the meetup as 1 
>( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Kolkata/Kolkata1 ) . I have 
>created the page & announced it ( with link) on the India alias too, very long 
>back. Nobody have informed me/ Shiju or the other organizers ( 2 of them from 
>Kolkata only) about it when we created the Kolkata meetup page.  I trust you 
>also didn't know about it till then. Having said that, this wasn't intended to 
>take away any "credit" of someone... 
>When we thought of a Chennai meetup this year, I remembered the wikicamp , 
>Chennai in 2007 and created a page for this Chennai1 ( just to record the 
>historical data) and called the Nov 2010 meetup as Chennai2 .  There may be 
>more meetups that actually happened between Chennai1 & Chennai2. Bangalore 3rd 
>meetup (held at my home and attended was by you also ) was called Meetup3 , as 
>there were 2 pages for Bangalore and Bangalore2 already created. We are still 
>not sure whether Blore2 had actually taken place, but still we created the new 
>meetup page as Bangalore3
>If you still have objections on numberings, please move Kolkata1 to Kolkata2 
>create a page for Kolkata1. Please get in touch with your friend to get more 
>details on that meetup. That will help us all in knowing more about it. 
>Please understand these numberings are primarily for tracking purposes and 
>creation of pages.. What matters more is not the numbering or the naming, but 
>the efforts & purpose behind organizing such meetups .
>Hope that explains it better.
>Tinu Cherian
>On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 4:47 PM, guru brahma <wiki...@yahoo.co.in> wrote:
>Dear Tinu,
>>from what I understand, an earlier Wikimeetup happened at Kolkata more than a 
>>year ago in Joka. I was informed of this by a participant at that earlier 
>>event who had expressed inability in attending the current meetup on the 
>>relevant page. I met her at a conference in Bangalore recently and got to 
>>this. We may want to exercise caution in branding events as the first meet-up 
>>etc., "meet-up" should suffice.
>>Srinivas Gunta.
 From: CherianTinu Abraham <tinucher...@gmail.com>
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>>Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Wikipedia Wikimeetup1 @ Kolkata, Dec 2010 Photos
>>Wikipedia Wikimeetup1 @ Kolkata, Dec 2010 Photos 
>>There were around 18+ attendees for the first Wikimeetup @Kolkata . I would 
>>to express my sincere thanks to Jayanata Nath, Indranil Das Gupta & Shiju 
>>for all the efforts in putting things together for a successful meetup, at 
>>of the ancient cities of India. Special thanks to Bishakha Datta &  Achal 
>>Prabhala for all the encouragement & support in our efforts. 
>>One of us will be sending a detailed report on the meetup soon. 
>>Tinu Cherian 
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