Dear All,

As all of you know, the first edition of the *Wikimedia India Community
released by Barry Newstead on 2010 September.

The wikimedians  associated with the Newsletter know that much effort had
put behind to bring out the first edition. We all are happy to see that the
newsletter is well received by Wikimedians across the world. There were many
obstacles faced while we were working on the first edition. But the
community was able to overcome all these and bring out the first edition.
There are many lessons learned during this process.

Now almost 3 months had passed after we released the first edition. It is
important that this initiative needs to be carried forward. In the past 2
months many people have asked me about the second edition of the Newsletter.
Even though I voluntarily coordinated the various activities for the first
edition, I am no longer in a position to continue that for the future
editions. It is better to *form a team* *of active Indian Wikimedians* to
coordinate the various activities of the Wikimedia India Newsletter.

I request the help and support from different Indian language wiki
communities to take this initiative forward. The idea is to* form a team
with 2 or 3 active users from each language community* and coordinate the
activities for the Wikimedia India Newletter. *Srikanth Lakshmanan* has
informed me that he will help me to form the initial setup. Once the initial
setup is formed the complete responsibility of the Newsletter rest with this
Newsletter team.

*Eligibility:* The only criteria that needs to be fulfilled to be part of
this initiative is, * the person must be an active wikimedian* in any of the
Indian language wiki community. The person needs to be part of the language
community and should be able to coordinate with the respective language
community to prepare content for the Newsletter. The respective language
community can decide which active users can be part of the Newsletter team.

Please send a mail to me ( and Srikanth ( so that we can take this forward.

Shiju Alex
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