Elevator pitch - The tenth anniversary of Wikipedia on 15 January is a
golden opportunity for the city's wikipedians to firmly place Pune on the
international wikipedia map. Birdwatchers of Pune have committed to
improving bird articles and an editing tutorial session has been planned for
the newbies at the meet. We look forward for people to come forth to
evangelise Wikipedia in schools and Colleges, to collect images of Pune for
Wikimedia Commons through a photothon and to a meetup of Marathi Wikipedians
which will showcase Pune as the cultural capital of Maharashtra.

Dear friends,

The Pune Wikipedia meetup plan is in the process of formalising. Wikipedians
who have participated in discussions so far are Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay,
Shirish Agarwal, Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Abhay Natu and supporting us online are
Mahitgar and of course Bishakha and Arunram have given their full support as

We all hope that the 10th Anniversary Wikipedia Celebrations on 15 January
(Saturday) in Pune are a great success. For that, I request all people
connected with any Wikimedia project in pune, whether it is English
Wikipedia, Marathi Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or any other.

We hope to have some activities before that date and the final meetup on 15
January (Saturday) where we showcase those events.
The venue is yet to be decided, the timing will be in the evening but exact
timing yet to be decided.

The wikipedia-linked events formalised to date are :
* Contribution by 7th Ornithology Course of Ela Foudation and Abasaheb
Garware College. This will consist of a talk to the course during one of
their sessions and development of three articles of bird species hopefully
to GA quality. Dr Satish Pande and Dr Anand Padhye, the course organisers
and mentors have given full support.

We hope that the following additional events can be formalised :
* Pune photothon - Pune loves Wikimedia Commons - prior to 15 Jan. Sudhanwa
is working on this with some photographic societies.
* Marathi Wikipedia meetup - prior to 15 Jan. This is really important.
* Some evangelising with schools/colleges.

At the main meeting on 15 Jan it is tentatively planned to have the
following events as of now:
* Newbie editing session by Ashwin Baindur.
* Uploading of the three bird articles by 7th Ornithology course.
* Skype linkup with other meets (if it can be coordinated).
* (During W10 Meetup on 15 Jan) - short talks on:
** overview of articles on Pune in En:WP (max five minutes).
** progress of Mr:WP (max 10 minutes) (if Mr:WP meetup has been conducted).
** on the ornithology course's bird contribution to Wikipedia (max five
** about the photothon (max five minutes) (if photothon has been conducted).
* Refreshments.

Wikimedia foundation is providing a small grant and some promotional
material. Please come forth with your views, activities and
ideas/criticisms. There is no formal chapter or official users group. These
messages on various lists and anybody who participates in discussions are
all there is to it.

Wikipedia Meetup friends from Mumbai, and indeed wikipedians from all over
the country are cordially invited.

Will keep everyone posted on the latest,

Ashwin Baindur
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