Hi everyone,

If I haven't introduced myself before, I'm Steven Walling. One of my jobs at 
the Foundation is helping everyone who wants to celebrate our 10th anniversary. 
I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned on the list before, but ten.wikipedia.org 
is the place to learn about everything we're organizing. 

There's plenty going on there for the anniversary, but the most pressing issue 
is that the Foundation is shipping kits of free merchandise to people who are 
running events, and the deadline for getting that merchandise shipped to you is 
rapidly approaching. You can see mockups of the t-shirts, stickers, and buttons 
at ten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design/Merchandise

If you're running an event and would like merchandise kits, the time to get set 
up to do so is now. I just need a couple things to be able to do so:

1. A public listing for your event on ten.wikipedia.org. Most people have done 
this, but if your wiki page doesn't have at least a basic description of what 
you're doing, when, where, and info about how people can participate, I would 
really appreciate it if you could do that. It will help make your events great 
and show the world all the amazing things we're doing to celebrate Wikipedia's 
first decade. 

2. Email me your shipping address and contact information. 

Two events (Bangalore and Kannur in Kerala) have done all this already. The 
other events listed (Mumbai, Mehrabpur, Hyderabad, Pune, Mysore) still need one 
or both of those two things. 

The Wikimedia Foundation has the merchandise ready to ship and is prepared to 
pay all the costs involved. If it might make better sense to say, ship to the 
chapter or a particular group and have them distribute throughout the rest of 
India, we can talk about making that happen too. 

Thanks for reading, 

Steven Walling
Fellow at Wikimedia Foundation

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