Would like to invite wikimedians on this list to participate in the
'movement roles' project below (like Morgan, Anirudh and I are also on the
workgroup) - do share further with other indic lang lists you are on so that
more people atleast know about it, even if they don't participate.

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Dear all,

Movement roles project is a WMF project to clarify the roles and
responsibilities of different
entities, groups, and people working to support the international Wikimedia

For Asian Wikimedians, it is a great chance for us to share our opinions and
That's why i would like to invite you to participate in the movement roles

If you are Wikimedian who already have some knowledge of how the movement is
you can answer the* Initial Questions*:

If you are representing your chapter or you are in relevant groups or
cooperative efforts,
you can answer the *Fact Base*:

For Fact Base, the pages for existed chapters and some known relevant
groups and
cooperative efforts are already reserved. You can just edit the page that
you are in.

In fact, you can just finish a part of the questions that you are interested
instead of finishing
the whole set. At least i know somebody did the same thing. But of
course,*it must be the
*best if you can finish the whole set, then we can get a complete idea from
you or your*

*The deadline is in Mid-January 2011. *We will collect and analyse all the
data before
the meeting on 28/29 January 2011.

I am in the working group of this project, so if you have any questions or
difficulties when
you are participating, you can contact me.

Thank you very much. I hope i can see your answers on Initial Questions and
you chapter's
information on the face base! :-)

Support Free Knowledge in Hong Kong!

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