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From: Jay Walsh <jwa...@wikimedia.org>
Date: 4 January 2011 11:21
Subject: [WikiX-l] Jimmy Wales Wikipedia 10 video address now posted!
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Hi folks,

In late 2010 we asked Jimmy to come by the Wikimedia Foundation offices to
tape a series of short messages aimed at Wikipedia/Wikimedia contributors
and to Wikipedia fans/users in general.  The shoot went quite well, and
we're pleased to present these short clips for you to use at your public
events, or in any other useful way to help celebrate Wikipedia 10.

The clips were produced in a way that they would present best on a screen at
an event, welcoming the audience and providing well-wishes for the
festivities.  We made two versions...

The first below is a general 'call to action' video for a broad audience of
Wikipedia supporters.  This clip may be used in any setting, but is
particularly suited for a broad audience of Wikipedia supporters (users,
donors, contributors, enthusiasts).  We expect this clip to be used by media
outlets, bloggers, and for public events where Wikipedia or Wikimedia
volunteers may not be present.

The second clip is a bit longer, and more of a personal message from Jimmy
to the Wikipedia editing community. This is a more suitable clip for events
where the majority of attendees are Wikimedia volunteers and know the
movement well.

Global call to action (public)

Wikipedia editors address

Both are HD, broadcast quality (720p) and shot with microphone sound.

Why vimeo?  Because you can easily download the high-resolution version of
the files (these should be in QT format) and re-purpose as necessary.  You
should also be able to re-purpose these files for subtitling, including with
open source tools.

We've also uploaded the videos to youtube, where subtitles can be built on
top of the videos in many languages.  We will upload OGV formats on Commons
shortly, but those variants may not be ideal resolution for presentation in
a big space.

I also know there are good open-source subtitling solutions out there, which
I welcome others to chime in and speak to.  Let me know if there's anything
staff at WMF could look into to support the translation/subtitling.  If
someone is willing to volunteer to translate transcriptions, I'm sure can
get them loaded into youtube or place them on Commons.

We will post the 'call to action' video on the WMF blog and in a few other
spots closer to the event, and it may get distributed to media as well
leading up to the anniversary.  The 'Wikipedia editors' address should be
preserved and still be something special for viewing at the events you host
on or around January 15.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

jay walsh
Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
+1 (415) 839 6885 x 609, @jansonw

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