If localizing, do note that as per
43 of the 302 events to celebrate the 10th anniversary are in India - this
is a good media peg for Indian journalists - making it a bigger national
event/story - so will help attract coverage. (This number may also change;
this is the current count).


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> hi,
> Please note this embargoed press release text.
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> Date: 10 January 2011 00:49
> Subject: [WikiX-l] W10: Embargoed Press Release
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> Hi, all.
> In addition to the advisory here:
> We wanted to provide you with a draft of the press release we will
> send to press on January 13 630PM UTC.  We will send an updated
> version which will include quotes form Sue and Jimmy then.  Like the
> advisory, you are free to use however you like.  You can add local
> information, take out information or use it as it is.
> How to use it: I think the best thing to do is start translating it
> now.  Then, when we send you the final with Jimmy and Sue's quotes on
> January 13, it will allow you to translate those quickly and send to
> press then.
> To localize it further, you can include how many events are happening
> in your region and include details about them. If you participated in
> the fundraiser this year, you can insert information about how much
> you raised locally.
> If you have questions about how to localize, let me know and we can
> work on it together.
> --
> Cheers,
> Moka
> Moka Pantages
> San Francisco, January 15, 2011 -- On this day ten years ago, a
> website with a funny name invited people everywhere to come together
> to create a free encyclopedia. The initial results were underwhelming.
> The article "Astronomer" simply said: "Scientist whose area of
> Research is Astronomy." Sweden: "Country in Northern Europe.
> Inhabitants are called Swedes. Language spoken is Swedish. Capital is
> Stockholm." Physics: "Physics is a very broad subject."
> Following these humble beginnings, Wikipedia grew quickly, and 1,000
> articles were written in less than a month. Over the next five years,
> many new language versions were launched, and Wikipedia began to
> surpass traditional reference sources in breadth and depth. The secret
> to its success: anyone can edit any article. In January 2006,
> Wikipedia volunteer Gareth Owen wrote on his user page: "The problem
> with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it's a
> total disaster."
> Wikipedia is now consulted by more than 400 million people every
> month. It provides instant access to high quality and in-depth
> information, free of charge and free of advertising. In the last
> decade, a vast and unique global volunteer community has come together
> to create more than 17 million articles in 270 languages, advancing
> the cause of free knowledge for every person on the planet.
> Today, January 15, the Wikipedia community is coming together in
> almost 300 locations all over the planet to celebrate the 10th
> anniversary of the free encyclopedia. From a conference in New York to
> a concert in Prague, from the launch of a new school project in
> Nairobi to a museum bootcamp in Amsterdam, from a beer-meet in
> Bucharest to a film screening in Tel Aviv, the events are organized by
> volunteers and Wikimedia chapters, as well as independent supporters.
> The events are open to participation by anyone and reflect the
> diversity of the community.
> Wikipedia is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a charitable
> non-profit organization established by Wales in 2003. It is entirely
> supported by donations, and just completed the most successful
> fundraiser in its history, with more than 500,000 individual donations
> totaling more than $16 million.
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