Dear all,

Please note the Wikipedia week initiative taken by the IIIT Bangalore
students. This is a great initiative to bring in students to actively
contribute from that institution.

IIIT B students and few other colleges spontaneously volunteered for the
recent Wikipedia stall we had in the World Sanskrit conference to create
awareness for wikipedia in Sanskrit and other Indian languages. (

It would be great to see more college students come up initiatives like

Kudos Srikanta and team. Let us know how we can support this initiative.

Best regards

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Hi everyone,

As part of the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, we at IIIT-B are running an
event called "IIIT-B PGDSD Wikipedia Week" throughout this week.

*Objectives of this event*
1. Volunteer at the World Sanskrit Book fair and motivate people to
contribute articles in Sanskrit language. [3 students have volunteered]
2. Volunteer and participate at the 10at anniversary celebration  [7
students have registered]
3. Pick an English article and translate it to the [Kannada, Hindi, Telugu,
Tamil] and submit the articles to the respective wikis.

*Impact expected*
1. Motivate students to participate in the Wikipedia anniversary event and
take part in Bangalore chapter events
2. Empower students to contribute not only in English but also in different
local languages

@Arun I have a group of 7 students who are ready to volunteer, We thought
that, we can take the responsibility of the logistics of Segment 1 and
Segment 2 events. Let it be setting up the mike & speakers, wi-fi's, chairs,
etc..  we could deal with it. Also any new student volunteer who shows
interest for volunteering and sends a mail to the Bangalore wiki list could
be integrated into this team. If the number increases slightly we can carve
out a small group who will take care of front desk and registration too. So
in this way there will be more student volunteers like us running around on
the event day. Meanwhile you guys can concentrate on the main aspects of the

Let me know what you think on this.

I was unable to join the telecon tday, i shall join tomorrow and provide any
clarifications in case you need it.

Student, IIIT-B
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