Thanks a lot Anirudh ! It really meant a lot.

I had always wanted  to contribute towards such project, especially Wikipedia 
and Linux but  was not able to. So I didnt want to miss this opportunity.

Thanks for appreciating my work. I am really happy that you guys found it worth 

Let me know if I can be of any assistance in future.

PS: I am still left with a few designs and will send them real soon.



Swapnil Narendra

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Sent: Wed, 12 January, 2011 11:39:02 AM
Subject: Re: [WikiX-l] India specific Designs / Artwork for Wikipedia 10

Thanks a lot for your help, Swapnil.  You have been a great help.

Swapnil had contacted me to volunteer his time three days ago and has
been very helpful with the design of the banners even though he hasn't
been directly involved with the movement in the past.

On the behalf of the Wikimedia community, I would like to extend
gratitude and a sincere thanks for all your help. :)

Yours sincerely,

Anirudh Bhati

00 91 9328712208
Skype: anirudhsbh

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:48 AM, Srikanth Lakshmanan <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sharing the artwork for Wikipedia 10[1] which can be used in case you
> are printing banners etc.I would add more to this album. Thanks a lot
> Swapnil / Tony for getting these ready , great if we get some more :) Others
> interested please feel free to reuse and remix.
> PS : I have shared it under CC, I am just lazy to upload to commons, will do
> so in the night.
> Regards
> Srikanth.L
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