[Press] : DNA : "Wikipedia India chapter to become a reality"

Please note some of the factual errors with the article :
1) The 10th anniversary gathering is on Saturday , not Thursday
2) I will forgive the journo for writing as Tinu Cheriyan instead of Cherian
but perhaps not Hari Prasad Nadig as Nadek.
3) The Anniversary venue is NIAS ( National Institute of Advanced studies )
, an institution behind IISc  and not IISc itself. NIAS is related to IISc,
I think.
4) It is Wikimedia India Chapter , NOT Wikipedia India Chapter.

Altough I wanted the article to emphasize on the anniversary event ( to
drive people to participate in the event) , somehow the article focus went
to chapter, which was still yet to be announced on its formation.

The journalist is not the regular one in DNA newspaper ,whom I am usually in
touch with for Wikimedia/Wikipedia news and had to be educated on our
history , still he made some serious errors.

I have already communicated the errors to the journalist and he promptly

The *good thing* was that the article with emphasis on chapter came on the
exact day of announcement on its formation.

Tinu Cherian
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