A wonderful birthday gift from Erik Zachte to all of us. Happy 10th!

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From: Erik Zachte <erikzac...@infodisiac.com>
Date: Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 8:27 AM
Subject: First release of Report Card for India (Beta)

Dear all,

Here is the first release of a Report Card for India, mostly following
Mani’s proposed layout. As promised just in time for the 15th , and even
including automatically generated charts. (R is a productive tool, but fine
tuning chart layout is not exactly trivial).


The charts show multi-year trends, as this provides a much better
perspective than one year line plots.

The plan is to switch to multi-year trends on the General Report Card as

Of course this is only a first draft. More key metrics could be added (e.g.
number of admins per 1000 editors).

Shiju, I hope this also can serve as a basis to ease your monthly reporting
chore, please let me know what you think it.

Also I hope to generate this ‘wiki at a glance’ report for each Wikimedia
and provide other regional sets.

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Happy 10th anniversary!

Erik Zachte

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