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> Hello Everyone:
> Just wanted to send an update of the next steps that are needed to get
> the Chapter operational.
> 1. We have applied for certified copy of the Kannada version and it is
> expected by this weekend.
> 2. We then need to get a notarized English translation and that should
> be available soon.
> 3. We then need a PAN number before we can set up a bank account
> because the bank will ask for PAN. So we will have to apply for PAN
> soon after we get English version and this should normally  take 2
> weeks after applying. Further we need a TAN and will apply for this
> with PAN.
> 4. We can then open a bank account and start accepting membership.
> Sorry that this is all taking so long but we do hope to be up and
> running very soon - please do bear with us till then.
> Best,
> Gautam

Thanks for the update, Gautam.

Does this mean we'll not be able to pass a resolution to open bank account
tomorrow? or can we just do those in advance (since getting PAN, TAN might a
while from here).

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