In order to move forward, may I suggest the following:

Job description of volunteer: other prerequisites - please list
1. Speak Kannada                 Yes (mandatory)/No (not required)
2. Programming knowledge     Yes (mandatory)/No (not required)

1. List of names/email of volunteers who will be present at the Kannada
Wikipedia booth on
a. 4 Fri
b. 5 Sat
c. 6 Sun

2. Location map of venue/hall/room - exact details to prevent frantic
searching for the right place.

3. Bus from Shivajinagar/Majestic/...

4. Coordinator name & mobile 9.........

5. Please bring (your own) snack/lunch, booth will be working without a
break! Cannot afford to lose a single visitor.

6. Script: What should/should not be said. It may be impossible to meet
before the event for the orientation but a virtual classroom will address
that need.

Await your comments. Thanks. Ralph
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