Dear All,

What about Kolkata? We have already finalized a meet-up 12 Feb. We are more
expecting him from Kolkata community.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 1:19 AM, Arun Ramarathnam <>wrote:

> Dear Wikimedians,
> It's a pleasure to inform you all that Liam 
> Wyatt<>will be visiting India between 12th and 19th 
> Feb to focus on
> GLAM <>related 
> initiatives here.
> Liam's visit to India is intended to support wikimedia communities to
> explore the possibilities of collaborating with Galleries, Libraries,
> Archives and Museums (GLAM) in strengthening articles on wikipedia of mutual
> interest.
> Liam recently became a Wikimedia Fellow -
>   Liam was the wikipedian in 
> residence<>
>  at
> the British Museum last year. Liam has been focussed on GLAM and was
> the convener of the GLAM-WIKI 
> <>event held in Australia in August
> 2009.
> It is great to have Liam visiting us. He will be visiting Delhi, Mumbai
> and Bangalore. We hope to make the most of Liam's visit to create more
> awareness for GLAM amongst wikipedians and connect with GLAM stakeholders
> wherever possible.
> Liam will also be speaking at the 
> ICLAM<>conference on the 15th.
> For coordinating events during his visit, I  have create a GLAM project
> page on the India wiki, to help us all get started:
> There are city specific pages, each of which has a planning page.
> We look forward to all your support and active participation to organize
> events and meeting in various cities. Wikipedians are requested to join the
> discussions in the  planning pages for each city.  .
> regards
> Arun
> Bangalore, India
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