Hi Praveen,

> Unfortunately I cannot find any fun there. And provoking is not an     option 
> collaboration. You could have just ask.

I do agree. I was only referring to the incidental fallout of you getting 
I wouldn't support intentionally provoking anyone for that matter.
And, I'm sure nobody else had such an intention as well.
I'm sorry if you're offended.

- Sundar

 "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."
- George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture

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>million edits milestone
>On Thursday 27 January 2011 06:14 PM, CherianTinu Abraham wrote: 
>Hey, nobody said Malayalam Wikipedia or any       other Wikipedia is 
;-) I am sure that Shiju shared the news for encouraging all Indian     


But when I saw that bold text "Depths above 300 for Wikipedias below       
100 000 articles have been automatically dismissed as irrelevant", I felt that 
somebody shouting at Malayalam Wikipedia that "your     wikipedia is 

don't share this kind of news".

On Thursday 27 January 2011 06:33 PM, BalaSundaraRaman wrote:

You've shown how much insight we can glean by         provoking Malayalam Wiki 
friends. ;)
>We all got a great inside view of the different aspects of         
>in one of the finest Indian wikis.
Unfortunately I cannot find any fun there. And provoking is not an     option 

collaboration. You could have just ask. Actually there are     no special 

activities at ml.wp :)

> So if anybody believes that Malayalam         Wikipedia is irrelevant, I 
>welcome them to there to check its         irrelevancy and contribute their 
>> wikii until it become irrelevant like Malayalam Wikipedia.         :)
>I don't think anyone doubted that.
me too :)

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