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>crossed the 10 Lakh/1 million edits milestone
> Hi all,
>    Just read through the whole series of posts. As an editor I  have a
> question/query?
> Is there some defined page depth? If there is  who defines it ?
> Also an a non-metric or otherwise why is page depth  important?
> Is page depth or page length of an article same or  different?
> What aspects are taken into consideration while thinking of  page depth?
> I play/edit a bit of EN:WP articles, is that context does  anything
> above a stub means there is some page depth to the article  .
> I am sure these are all basic questions to you all but it would  be
> nice if there was some ideas about this. If there are hyperlinks  which
> would be relevant to this would be nice as well.
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