On Sunday 30 January 2011 11:56 AM, jayanta nath wrote:
> Nos of edit is not criteria. The chapter created as society so there 
> must be voting system. So not worry!!
Then what was the criteria?

On Sunday 30 January 2011 01:03 PM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar wrote:
> Can you please put up your ideas and give some examples so that people
> here will get some more clarity.
> As you mentioned, things are "fair but not enough" please put up your
> ideas so that things will be "enough and more"

I feel I am keeping myself here without any bruises, even against 
chapter members, challenging their credibility and ability. For me it is 
good; but for a community it is bad. That explains a lot. :-( (BTW where 
is president and some other members of chapter? are they members of this 

I rmember I asked about chapter's future plans in one of the other 
threads, but still no answer. Is there any basic ideas about future 
activities? Where I can find them?
May I know, whether asking idea is the basic idea? :) (I dont think it 
is bad, but a chapter need atleast basic line up. don't give MoA link, 
I've seen it many times :D)

For eg, in commons many images originated from India are deleted or 
waiting to get deleted, just because no source available saying it is in 
PD. Chapter can initiate a project to find PD images from India. Any 
member can find many such issues, if they are wiki-rooted.

I didn't said I am an 'idea'(l) man. I tried to say, lack of openness of 
chapter, non-supportive character and credibility doubts of members of 
chapter. (I got one more, I think.)

For now I said enough. I don't want to start this from very beginning 
again. I hope "chapter" will take appropriate measures to erase any 
doubts of users.

Thank you.

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