Forgot to answer one of your questions:
> > Nos of edit is not criteria. The chapter created as society so there 
> > must be voting system. So not worry!!
> Then what was the criteria?

While there's no hard criteria that I can 
 the guidelines:
As specified in the requirements, involvement of contributors to the Wikimedia 
projects is essential to the grounding of a chapter.
However, it is crucial that each chapter remains an entity separate from the 
Wikimedia projects. Chapters are independent organisations that group users of 
the Wikimedia projects, regardless of their number of edits or roles within the 
projects, as well as friends and supporters of those projects.
Founding a chapter with "all the admins" in the projects, or "only active 
contributors" is the wrong way to go. It is possible that people who are not 
active contributors will be interested in the real life commitment to the 
Wikimedia movement that chapters enable, while others who are active 
contributors will not see the necessity for a chapter. Make sure the balance is 
kept between who is part of the chapter and who is not.
The Wikimedia projects are not the chapter's playground and the chapter should 
never confer to its members a position of specific power within a Wikimedia 

I think there was a discussion on this earlier and Achal or someone gave a 
history of how the people came together for this. If anyone can locate the 
thread on the list archives, please 
 parts of it (and the earlier unsuccessful attempts).

- Sundar
 "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
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> On Sunday 30 January 2011 11:56 AM, jayanta nath wrote:
> > Nos of edit is  not criteria. The chapter created as society so there 
> > must be voting  system. So not worry!!
> Then what was the criteria?
> On Sunday 30  January 2011 01:03 PM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar wrote:
> > Can you please put up  your ideas and give some examples so that people
> > here will get some more  clarity.
> >
> > As you mentioned, things are "fair but not enough"  please put up your
> > ideas so that things will be "enough and  more"
> I feel I am keeping myself here without any bruises, even against 
> chapter members, challenging their credibility and ability. For me it is 
> good; but for a community it is bad. That explains a lot. :-( (BTW where 
> is president and some other members of chapter? are they members of this 
> list?)
> I rmember I asked about chapter's future plans in one of the  other 
> threads, but still no answer. Is there any basic ideas about future 
> activities? Where I can find them?
> May I know, whether asking idea is the  basic idea? :) (I dont think it 
> is bad, but a chapter need atleast basic  line up. don't give MoA link, 
> I've seen it many times :D)
> For eg, in  commons many images originated from India are deleted or 
> waiting to get  deleted, just because no source available saying it is in 
> PD. Chapter can  initiate a project to find PD images from India. Any 
> member can find many  such issues, if they are wiki-rooted.
> I didn't said I am an 'idea'(l)  man. I tried to say, lack of openness of 
> chapter, non-supportive character  and credibility doubts of members of 
> chapter. (I got one more, I  think.)
> For now I said enough. I don't want to start this from very  beginning 
> again. I hope "chapter" will take appropriate measures to erase  any 
> doubts of users.
> Thank  you.
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