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The tenth anniversary celebrations of Wikipedia were held at Indore in 
partnership with the Indian Institute of Management Indore, as a part of the 
edition of the National Youth Conference. The celebrations were held on 12th 
January and comprised three events: A presentation on Wikipedia followed by a 
panel discussion; A workshop on editing Wikipedia; and a critical viewing of 
documentary, “Truth in Numbers?” (
10 to 10.30 AM
The day’s proceedings were started by Professor Rahul Nilakantan, the 
coordinator of the National Youth Conference, who introduced Professor Srinivas 
Gunta, the first speaker for the day. Professor Srinivas kicked off the 
proceedings for the day with a short message by Jimbo Wales, the founder of 
Wikipedia. After the message, there was a talk by Professor Srinivas who 
off with the premise that anonymity on internet does not presage a phenomenon 
like Wikipedia. Arguing that ensuring both competence (valid and reliable 
information) and governance (appropriate behavioral norms) is important for a 
project of this nature, he posited that Wikipedia manages these through its 3 
P’s – Philosophy, Platform and Policies. Then, he dwelt a while on how diverse 
Wikipedias can be, drawing from his experiences as a contributor to English and 
Telugu Wikipedias. He concluded his talk by giving a brief preview of other 
Wikimedia projects and exhorting the 250+ people in the audience to try editing 
10.30 to 11.30 AM
A panel discussion titled “Role of Wikipedia in fostering Web 2.0 Revolution” 
followed the talk immediately. The panel comprised Professor Abha Chatterjee 
from the General Management area (Communication), Professor Sanjog Ray from the 
Information Systems area and Shreyas Panse, a second year student of the 
flagship PGP programme, all from IIM Indore. The panel discussion comprised a 
5-minute talk by each of the panelists followed by an open house discussion. 
Professor Srinivas moderated the proceedings.
Professor Abha Chatterjee spoke of how she first heard of Wikipedia more than 
five years ago and how she had serious misgivings about the model given that 
anyone could edit it. Today, however, she views Wikipedia in a more positive 
light. She believes that this would be the best resource for pre-research, 
especially on topics of recent provenance and current interest. For instance, 
she raised the question as to which other encyclopedia can be expected to have 
an article on “Vuvuzela.” Furthermore, the fact that Wikipedia is written by 
multiple volunteers often implies that the breadth of coverage is broader than 
in a conventional encyclopedia. Offering an example, she argued that a subject 
like “Cattle” could be approached on Wikipedia through a variety of dimensions 
such as species, domestication, cultural significance etc. Yet she opined that 
the model of Wikipedia poses concerns in terms of maintaining consistency in 
style and tone apart from the usual questions about its reliability.
Professor Sanjog Ray adopted the tack that the idea of Wikipedia is probably 
if not more, important than the Wikipedia itself. He opined that the proof of 
concept of Wikipedia has enabled corporations across the world to start using 
internal Wikis even more rapidly. Agreeing with Ward Cunningham’s assessment 
that Wiki is the simplest and the easiest database to edit, he felt that the 
challenges for its adoption in the corporate world lie elsewhere, primarily 
organizational. While the two predominant modes of organizing known to the 
mankind are the market and the hierarchy, phenomena built on open philosophies 
and collaborative models offer a new alternative. Yet, using Wikis in the 
corporate world which is a hierarchical system would imply a hybrid model with 
far-reaching consequences. He entered into a lively debate on these attendant 
issues with the moderator and their implications for management education, 
research and practice.
Apart from being a second year student of the MBA programme at the IIM Indore, 
Shreyas Panse had been an active Wikipedian. He had garnered over 40K+ edits on 
English Wikipedia with a competence in vandal fighting; On Wikimedia Commons, 
has been a trusted user. He dwelt primarily on his experiences in vandal 
fighting on English Wikipedia and how volunteers and bots ensure the 
and validity of Wikipedia, thus allaying the concerns of a section of the 
audience. He also spoke of how active editors form a strong virtual community. 
Opining that active editors feel attached to their projects, he drew from his 
experience to suggest that people either edit heavily or withdraw completely if 
they cannot give adequate time. He also felt that Facebook and Twitter may be 
acting as substitute competition for today’s youth, thus reducing the potential 
time they would be spending in contributing to Wikipedia. The moderator also 
pitched in with his own experiences.
The audience came up with interesting questions and suggestions, ranging from 
the provision of recommendation and personalization systems to the implications 
of providing monetary aids for contributions to Wikipedia.
11.45 AM to 1 PM
While a workshop for editing Wikipedia was arranged as a parallel session, it 
was announced a priori that editing Wikipedia does not require a workshop as it 
is easy to figure out. In fact, most of the instructors for the workshop had 
started editing Wikipedia just 3 to 7 days before the tenth anniversary 
celebrations at Indore. Abhishek Apurv, a second year PGP student walked the 
audience through a basic acquaintance with Wikipedia. Shreyas Panse stepped in 
to dwell on basics of editing Wikipedia, licensing issues in uploading media 
effective tools for fighting vandalism. Madhur Parihar, an academic associate 
the area of Information Systems at IIM Indore, spoke of the wealth of tools 
available on Wikipedia, which help even a newcomer on Wikipedia to contribute 
positively and with confidence. The workshop was concluded with a talk by 
Chatrath, an independent professional translator where she evaluated the 
efficacy of Wikibhasha, a tool by Microsoft Research to help translate articles 
from English Wikipedia to Indic language Wikipedias.
2 to 3.30 PM
            In the post-lunch session, a screening of the documentary “Truth in 
Numbers” was organized on two screens in a large classroom. While the audience 
numbering over 60 was keenly attentive, its responses to some key segments in 
the document were clearly instructive in illustrating that its sympathies lay 
with the Wikipedia movement. For instance, there was an enthusiastic response 
during end credits when most of the ardent critics of Wikipedia confess that 
their biography on Wikipedia suffers from negligible errors. 

            The icing on the cake of celebrations at Indore was when Professor 
Srinivas received a call during the screening of the documentary from another 
Executive Committee member of the Wikimedia India chapter informing that the 
registration certificate has finally been issued and obtained, thus making it a 
legal reality. Professor Srinivas announced this heartening news at the end of 
the screening to yet another round of warm applause, concluding the celebration 
events at Indore on a high.

NOTE: Abhishek Gautam, an academic associate at IIM Indore in the area of 
Strategic Management, helped in drafting the minutes of the event. Ankit 
a second year doctoral student helped in capturing the images from the event 
in uploading them to Wikimedia Commons. Bhupendra, Koteswara Rao and Sharad, 
academic associates at IIM Indore, assisted in organizing the celebrations.
Some of the pictures of the event can be accessed on Wikimedia Commons via the 

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