Hi Mayur and others,

Sorry to be blunt ­ this reply is not specifically aimed at you, but at the
group thinking that I see before me -, but there are a few things that will
get your troubles out of the way as soon as possible. "Getting a room" and
separating yourself from most of the MediaWiki and Wikimedia developers is
not one of them ­ this is true for most open source development topics, not
only for Indic language support in MediaWiki and within Wikimedia. Talking
about issues without naming the players also does not resolve issues.
Expecting the Wikimedia Foundation (or its developers) to be the answer to
all your prayers does not resolve issues. You will be disappointed. Do take
responsibility for what you need; act upon it!

So what does get issues resolved?
1. Report issues in bugzilla. Please start now! Issues that have not been
documented do not exist. Good bug reports consist of 4 parts. A description
of the issue, steps to reproduce, description of observed behaviour and
description of expected behaviour. If needed, add one or more screenshots
and links: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org
2. Fix the issues and submit the patches. As said, issues can be found in
Bugzilla with the i18n tag: http://is.gd/p82m8V
3. Get more i18n centric committers from India, or more i18n committers in
general. To become a committer, do a lot of what is described in 2. Once you
have done that, go to http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Commit_access and get
even more work as a reward for a job well done. Really good at what you do
for MediaWiki and Wikimedia? There may be a job for you at the Wikimedia
Foundation. More than a handful of formerly volunteer developers have come
before you.

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Onderwerp:  Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Developers list for India specific

      I am also agree with Mr. hari prasad point of view because a separate
developer list for indic languages will help these  languages project to
resolve any technical issue easily because most of them are facing the same
problems, In coming time Indian   languages wii projects are aspected to
grow fast that's what wiki media foundation want so a separate developer
list will help these smaller project to get their bugs resolved easily.

Thank you and regards

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