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> Following is a list of activities (compiled by ArunRam for an internal
> discussion) of the chapter prior to registration (which itself turned out to 
> be
> a huge exercise):

Hi Sundar,

Thanks so much for sending that list, and thanks to ArunRam for
creating it -- I found it really useful. I don't spend a lot of time
on this mailing list, or on the Indian chapter wiki, and it helped me
feel caught up :-)

Here's a small suggestion, which you should ignore if you like.
Personally, I'd love if the chapter would post photos of its Executive
Committee members on the site here:
http://wikimedia.in/wiki/Executive_Committee_Members. I think I've
probably met half of the Executive Committee members over the years,
but it'd be easier for me to mentally keep faces attached to names if
there were images on the wiki.

Feel free to ignore that, if it'd be a hassle.


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