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                   Welcome to India!

I am also adding Pune and Mumbai Wikimedians to the loop ...

Tinu Cherian

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 7:12 AM, Tomasz Finc <tf...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that both Arthur Richards and I
> are going to be speaking at http://gnunify.in/ this week in Pune. We have
> a couple of presentations lined up including
> Title: Powering the world’s favorite wiki - Wikipedia
> Abstract: Mr. Finc will talk about the Wikimedia movement, its history,
> growth and chapters. He will also talk about Wikimedia’s technical
> infrastructure and how this top 5 website is run. He will also provide
> an overview about the software that Wikipedia uses for its websites -
> Mediawiki.
> Talk Title: Mobile@Wikipedia
> Talk Abstract: An introduction to Wikimedia Mobile Engineering efforts
> past, present, and future. This talk will cover the current state of
> Wikipedia mobile development, what’s upcoming and where Wikimedia
> Foundation is looking for you to contribute.
> Talk Title: Hacking Mediawiki
> Abstract: This talk will provide an introduction on how to write
> Mediawiki extensions and participate in Mediawiki’s developer
> community. The session will talk about the essentials of hacking - the
> inspiration, software, community. It will also walkthrough an overview
> of Mediawiki, an introduction to features, best-practices in security
> and scalability of Mediawiki, documentation, and various ways to extend
> the software. Open Source communities are key to the success of any
> project. The talk will also discuss various aspects of working in
> Mediawiki’s open source community successfully - how to communicate,
> who and where to engage, getting your code accepted, and accessing the
> right resources.
> Talk Title: Drupal + CiviCRM + Wikimedia Foundation = Awesome
> Talk Abstract: This talk will provide an overview of Drupal, CiviCRM
> using Wikimedia websites as the case-study. It will cover how Drupal
> and CiviCRM play an important role at Wikimedia foundation as a CMS and
> CRM, why these projects are cool, how Wikimedia uses these tools, and
> contributing back to the open source projects.
> The schedule is still coming together so its best to check the website for
> all updates.
> GNUnify will actually have a lot of Wikimedia discussions this year as it
> is one of their tracks.
> For those of you that might not be familiar with Arthur and my own work, we
> were part of the core team that was responsible for the fundraising
> infrastructure at Wikimedia. When not fundraising I concentrate on both both
> mobile and offline Wikimedia projects. Arthur focuses on backend
> infrastructure and drupal based projects.
> We'd love to see any Wikimedians come by! And if you can't certainly feel
> free to catch me on irc or in email to say hello.
> --tomasz
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