Hello everybody. I am a Wikipedian who is very interested in translation. I am 
helping with English to Kannada, but I am also learning chapter language. What 
is this? For eg.

*Anirudh:* At this point of time, we don't feel the need for having more list 
administrators, however list subscribers who are interested in keeping a check 
on the spam filter as moderators can write an email to either list admins.

*Translation:* Can all the ordinary members of this list please keep out of my 
business? I would prefer to continue censoring this list with my best friend 
HPN. After all, I am the EC of the India chapter and I have an unlimited 
Wikimedia Foundation sponsored travel budget which I regularly use to go to 
Frankfurt, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Berlin, etc. etc. and I would really like to 
get back to my travel now and stop worrying about stupid issues but if any of 
you slaves feels like doing my dirty work while I travel then of course I 
welcome that with open arms.

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